Why You Should Only Buy Organic CBD

By placing words like "Natural" or "Non-GMO" on their labels, many everyday products give the appearance of being high quality. It is worth looking at the product's ingredients list if these marketing terms raise any red flags. In an industry teeming with toxic chemicals, organic products are a breath of fresh air. Choose organic CBD oil when possible to get the most out of it. 


How Do You Define Organic?

Agricultural commodities are organic products made with ingredients regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  In order to ensure sustainable farming, the USDA ensures that the resources used to produce ingredients are sourced sustainably. It will be marked with the USDA badge if the product is organically certified. 


Among the rules are: 

Quality of the soil

The Practices of Animal Raising

Control of pests

Control of weeds

Use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals


What are the benefits of organic CBD oil?

When we do what is best for the earth, we do what is best for ourselves. The world's climate crisis can be addressed by supporting organic farmers. Also, organic products can become more affordable if more people buy them, thereby increasing demand. 

Additionally, CBD oil that is made from organic ingredients can be more effective. As an example, let's look at KARMA Organic CBD Tinctures: 

Our tinctures are a combination of naturally occurring chemicals which make up these CBD drops and are among our best-selling products.  

There are over 100 different phytocannabinoids in our products. In addition to enhancing CBD oil's benefits, phytocannabinoids are also associated with the entourage effect.  

These benefits are also promoted through the use of essential oils and terpenes in our tinctures. Moreover, our premium tinctures have delicious organic flavors due to terpenes! 

CBD oil that is made from organic ingredients can be more effective. As a base for our tinctures, we use organic MCT oil or extra virgin olive oil. Healthy fats in these oils assist in CBD absorption. 

CBD oils must contain organic carrier oils since they are the main component. Chemical reactions occur between all the compounds in the formula! Thus, adding synthetic or pesticide-laden ingredients to CBD oils can weaken their effects


Comparing organic products with organic ingredients:


Make sure you can read labels (and between the lines). The fact that a product is marked "organic" does not necessarily imply that it is. 

Many businesses will advertise that their products are "Made with organic ingredients." This could technically be true. Despite this, "Made with organic ingredients" does not imply "made from 100% organic ingredients."

Don't be deceived by marketing jargon. See if "organic" is listed in front of every item on the ingredients list.

Look for the USDA seal on the packaging to determine whether the product is 100% organic. Ours is displayed proudly on KARMA CBD Tinctures and Organic CBD Salve.


In the event that organic CBD oil isn't available, what do you do?


USDA-certified organic CBD products are rare. To become certified, it takes a long time. This is something we know from experience!

Our plan is to continue using only natural ingredients until everything is 100% organic. Hopefully, other brands will follow suit. 

Make sure you read the labels. Ingredients on the labels should be recognized. Ingredients that sound like they were manufactured in a laboratory are most likely made in a lab. Steer clear of products made with those ingredients.


Best CBD products for organic consumers:

Many of our CBD products are 100% USDA-certified organic and we know you'll love them!

1. KARMA Organic CBD Salve
 Boost your skin health, muscle support, and joint health with USDA-certified ingredients.  
It contains organic beeswax and MCT oil combined with 0.0% THC. This combination helps CBD penetrate the skin and lock in moisture.  
With a proprietary blend of essential oils, this organic CBD topical helps to increase blood circulation. The scent is also quite pleasant! 


2. Tranquil Mint Organic CBD Tincture (Broad Spectrum) KARMA Tranquil Mint CBD Tincture will soothe your mind with its soothing flavors. With its 0.0% THC content, it's a fast-acting tincture that soothes the senses and the mind.  
A blend of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic hemp extract, and organic peppermint oil is included. With just one drop, you can calm racing thoughts and refresh your breath.


3. Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture (Broad Spectrum) 
With our Summer Lemon Organic CBD Tincture, summer is always in season. Citrus kisses with 0% THC inject a little zest into your day. There are organic MCT oil, broad-spectrum hemp extract, and organic lemon essential oil included in this formula. Get a pucker up from its tangy bite and power through your workout! 


4. Orange Bliss Organic CBD Tincture (Broad Spectrum) Kickstart any morning with a drop of KARMA Orange Bliss Organic CBD Tincture. You can make any beverage more enjoyable with this tincture, which has a juicy taste. 
 We combine organic MCT oil, organic broad-spectrum hemp extract, and organic orange oil in an effective formula with 0.0% THC. You get the taste of a creamsicle without the calories!

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