10 CBD Travel Tips

Taking health and beauty care to new heights with CBD is quite a novel concept. Yet, can CBD go miles high? After all, the new "it" product comes from a species of plant that is a member of the Cannabis sativa family.

Although CBD oil is derived from hemp, which is not an illegal plant, other plants belonging to the Cannabis sativa family are illegal. The drug marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 substance. LSD and opiates are also listed as Schedule 1 substances.

Having said that, it's totally understandable if you're hesitant to travel with CBD oil. We are here to ease your worries amid this cloud of doubt. The following 10 tips will assist you when traveling with CBD oil.


1. Research the laws where you will be traveling


There might still be some restrictions and paranoia about CBD since it is new to the world. You should check the regulations where you are going before taking CBD oil anywhere. Our discussion will focus on the laws that govern travel within the United States, but there may be differences abroad. You need to follow the right laws. Whenever you are unsure, ask a professional.


2. Ensure that your CBD oil complies with the Farm Bill


The product must be extracted from hemp if it is to be classified as CBD oil. Since hemp contains very little THC, it does not produce a psychoactive effect.  Plants containing more than 0.3% of this cannabinoid are no longer considered hemp. Instead, they are considered marijuana.
To avoid this mistake (or to stop low-key marijuana cultivation), hemp cultivation is heavily regulated.

The 2014 Farm Bill ( a federal law) now makes growing hemp plants legal, but is under strict regulation. To cultivate hemp, you need permission from your state under the Farm Bill. According to two precedents, states will approve hemp cultivation by a company. A company must receive approval to participate in a state's pilot program, or hemp must be grown for academic research. Each state has its own policies on this.


3. Go for a broad spectrum CBD Oil

The whole hemp plant is used in broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oil. All parts of the hemp plant are compressed. During this process, the oils in the plant material are released from the plant and are collected to create high-quality CBD products. When you purchase broad-spectrum CBD oil, you are getting as many cannabinoids as possible in your formula. As a result, your supplement is more powerful. This is because of the "You scratch my back, I scratch yours" type of system cannabinoids have. There appears to be an entourage effect between cannabinoids. 


In other words, cannabinoids make all the other chemical compounds in CBD oil more potent and bioavailable. What is the only cannabinoid left out of the equation? THC. When you purchase KARMA broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oil, you won't have to worry about THC remaining in the product. As a result, the final product has no traces of THC before it is encapsulated as CBD oil. Our products are tested by third parties to ensure they contain 0.0% THC.


4. Make sure you know what's in your CBD products


Due to the fact that CBD oil is not regulated, it can be a tricky situation to navigate. You may encounter trace materials in your product unless a company performs third-party testing on it (and discloses its results). You may end up in trouble if you do not know about these materials.

Make sure you get a CBD oil that contains both active and inactive components. In order to produce a reliable product, companies go the extra mile to have an unbiased eye check their quality. In addition, you are less likely to break laws if you choose a company with such transparency.


5. TSA shouldn't be a source of stress


The TSA agent is like the DMV. If anything, it's worse. Aside from not wanting to be there, you may also have an uncomfortable pat down or someone looking through your undergarments. It's an already demoralizing experience. Adding to the situation's stress is worrying that you will be "caught" by using CBD oil while traveling. Besides touching your underwear, the job of the TSA is a lot more. This does not mean that they are looking for drugs. Safety of passengers, airport security, and aircraft integrity are their primary concerns. They are not concerned about the type of supplements in your bag if you're going through a pat-down. It's more likely they're looking for weapons that could be harmful once the plane is thousands of feet in the air.


6. Make sure you keep records


Having all of your ducks in a row can come in handy if you happen to come across a TSA vigilante. If you want someone else to be able to verify that the CBD oil is derived strictly from hemp, keep a copy of your order. You should always travel with your registration if you hold a medical cannabis card. Who knows when you may need to prove your need for medicated cannabis care. This card is small enough to carry with you. Simply keep it in the same location so that it will always be accessible whenever needed.


7. Adhere to liquid restrictions at airports


Ignore getting "busted" for having marijuana products; getting your supplements seized is much worse. Making this mistake would have been very costly. Make sure you are aware of any airport restrictions when flying with CBD oil. In the eyes of TSA, despite being more than liquids to us, oils remain liquids.

A container larger than 3.4 ounces cannot be brought on board, regardless of whether it is water, hair gel, or CBD oil. Further, if you are carrying other liquids in addition to CBD oil then you can't just leave the CBD oil in your bag. It is mandatory to place all liquids in the same plastic bag when getting onto a plane. Each person is permitted to have one quart-size resealable bag full of liquids on a flight.


8. Take it on board


The more you act like you have something to hide, the more you seem to have something to hide. Being upfront about CBD oil while traveling is the best course of action. If you hide it deep within your checked luggage, you may raise a red flag. As a result, your luggage may be checked. You don't want people to touch your personal items, and having your bag searched increases the possibility of theft.

Between 2010 and 2014, over $25 million worth of property was stolen from checked bags. TSA thieves may rummage through your belongings if you have a high-priced item like CBD oil.

Last but not least, having CBD oil on you at all times can help you put out fires as they arise. If someone sees your bag with CBD oil and questions whether it's legal, they may initiate contacting a flight attendant. The result may be an embarrassing experience as you get off the plane. When you carry CBD oil on your person, you are able to show your CBD documentation to the authorities and prove that you have the legal right to possess it. 


9. Opt for CBD softgels over CBD oil when traveling


When traveling with CBD oil, the best way to avoid any worries about liquid laws is to choose a softgel. Our softgels us nanoemulsion technology to they are no longer in a liquid state. There are tiny microbeads of CBD in its gelatinous texture. Thereafter, the cannabinoids are encapsulated in a casing devoid of psychoactive compounds. Therefore, KARMA softgels are TSA-friendly.


10. CBD Oil Can Help You Avoid Travel Stress

It'd be a waste not to use CBD oil since you're going through all the trouble of flying with it. We all know how stressful traveling can be. When it comes to trying to make connections as well as dealing with annoying kids kicking the back of your seat, CBD products can be useful. Take advantage of them! We all like to travel without being stressed. Make it a fun experience! Take CBD oil with you and stop stressing at the gate.

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