Your new favorite treat with 0.0% THC

Our new Strawberry Lemonade cube shaped gummies have been updated certied organic ingredients.

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Karma for the win.

Our Gummies are guilt free, gluten free, and 0 THC

Can't sleep?

We've got you covered with our CBN + Melatonin + CBD formula.

Sleep just got easier.

Our proprietary extraction process to will battle your insomnia and leave you feeling refreshed the next day.

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Yeah, we love dogs too.

Our CBD Dog Treats are easy to digest and fast acting. WAY better than kibble, Fido.

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Calling all athletes!

Sore muscles are relieved and tension is released with Sports Cream by KARMA.

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And for every day Karma...

We give you best in class premium organic CBD softgels.

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