Sleep just got easier.

CBN + Melatonin + CBD. We deliver USDA certified organic milled hemp that goes through a proprietary extraction process. 

State-of-the-art organic farming processes, lab tested, no THC.

Forget the hangover

Some products with melatonin give you that morning brain fuzz and you don't feel rested. KarmaCBN™ will leave you feeling refreshed the next day.

The best or nothing.

Not all hemp is created equal. All of our products have natural proprietary strains that have gone through a series of USDA organic certified purification processes that produces a beautiful honey colored organic CBD oil free from solvents, pesticides, fats, waxes and other undesirable plant compounds.

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Did someone say gummies?

This convenient formula is designed to fit into even the busiest schedules. 😎


Karma CBN helps me sleep like a baby.

Marquis Robinson

Karma gummies helps this new mom keep her zen.

Chloe Ardel

The tinctures are perfect for on the go and excellent for when i'm out exploring nature.

Jason Wright.
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